We Have Hand Selected our favorite spreads, crackers, bread, and choclates for you to enjoy. 

Red Pepper Spread


Our MT VIKOS Red Pepper & Feta Spread is prepared with flame roasted florina peppers and authentic Greek feta! No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Organic Greek

Olive Mix



Cured in our custom mix of herbs and spices, this classic medley of fruity and smoky Greek olives is hand-harvested, hand-sorted, and traditionally cured.

Cracked Pepper Crackers



Black pepper is one of the world's most popular spices. It adds just the right amount of kick to a variety of foods without overshadowing their flavors. The fruit of the peppercorn provides a snap and brings out the full flavor of grilled steak slices, hummus, Parmesan artichoke dip or even sweeter choices like ricotta cheese, grapes and honey. Add some pep to casual get-togethers by topping and sharing Carr's® Table Water® Cracked Pepper crackers

Assorted Chocolates


Enjoy our selection of assorted chocolates from our friends at the Cheese Shop.

Kalamata Olive Spread


Based on Traditional Greek recipes our MT VIKOS Kalamata Olive Spread uses naturally cured Kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil and wild oregano. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Carr's Original Crackers


Meet the Original. If only it could talk, imagine the tales it could tell since it first debuted at social gatherings back in 1831.

Toasted Sesame Crackers



Looking for the perfect cracker for any occasion? Try Cabaret, the crisp and creamy cracker with a rich, buttery flavor that always pleases.



Giancarlo is an Italian Immigrant and renowned pastry chef who owns Giancalros Fine European Pastries in Staunton. He supplies us with some of the best baguettes around.  

Divina Fig Spread


From chopped cucumber and tomato salads to a ham and brie baguette, our smoky and fruity black olive spread is a bold and savory choice to add flavor and fun to your favorite dish.

Toasted Sesame Crackers



Lightly baked sesame seeds give Carr's® Table Water® Toasted Sesame crackers a buttery, slightly sweet taste that pairs beautifully with fruits and fruit-based spreads, especially those featuring raspberries, black berries, blueberries and strawberries. Their flavor is just as delightful when countered with roasted vegetables, salami, whitefish pâté or cheese, perhaps a Comte or Jarlsberg. Offer them as a cocktail-hour appetizer with a full-bodied Shiraz or malt-heavy whiskey that further enhances the unique flavor of sesame seeds.

Glutten Free Crackers


No Gluten Wafer Crackers are baked in small batches for the best quality and light crispy texture. These natural crackers are a satisfying to any entertaining platter. Excellent with cheese, dips and other condiments.

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