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Amish Cheeses

Amish Cheeses

At Barren Ridge, we've been lucky to find producers that are the best in Quality and Craftsmanship. Our Customers love the cheese we provide from our Amish producer Goot Essa. A few months ago we decided to go and see their operation and saw the entire process, from milking to the cheese aging in their caves. Here's is a Video from that trip.


der smoked alpen.jpg

Der Smoked Alpen Kase


Goot Essa Der "Smoked Alpen Kase" is another handmade cheese for those who want to mix a smokey taste with the nuttiness of our Alpen Kase.

Oldgerman kase.jpg

Old German Weissa Kase


Goot Essa "Old German Weissa Kase" is a hand-made, washed curd cheese that has its inspiration clearly in the Swiss Alps—the ancestral home of the Amish people.

Minced Garlic Cheddar Cheese.jpg

Minced Garlic

Cheddar Cheese


Goot Essa "Minced Garlic Cheddar" is made the old-fashioned way with pieces of real garlic mixed into our famous, hand-made white cheddar.

emanuel von tal.JPG

Emanuel Vom Tal Kase


Goot Essa "Emanuel Vom Tal Kase" is a classic bloomy rind—hard to make, but with the deep cream flavor of sheep milk.

der wichen gehl.jpg

Der Weichen Gehl


Goot Essa "Der Weichen Gehl Kase" is an Amish rendering of a classic Brie or camembert-style cheese. This is one of our cheese maker's favorite cheeses, and we feel it compares favorably to any imported cheese of similar type.


Savory Oregano Cheddar Cheese


Goot Essa "Savory Oregano Cheddar" is great both as a snack and as a cheese made for cooking. Our traditional cheddar is combined with a hint of savory oregano.

mt valley.jpg

Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar


Goot Essa "Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar" is generally recognized as one of the truly fine-aged farmstead cheddars in the United States. Our cheese maker has spent years developing the unique combination of flavors that go into this artisan cheese. We know you are going to love it.

marn vom berge.jpg

Marn Vom Berge Kase


Goot Essa "Marn Vom Berge" is a bloomy rind goat cheese that has all the flavor notes of highland grass pastures.

felsa yehr.jpg

Felsa Yehr


Goot Essa "Felsa Yehr" is our Swiss-German take on a cave-aged manchego and is an unexpected treat. Cave aging this sheep milk cheese for 18 months gives this cheese a complex, blend of earthy flavors.

der vauden swiss.jpg

Der Vauden Swiss


Goot Essa "Der Vauden Swiss Cheese" has all the creaminess and nuttiness you have come to expect from a central Pennsylvania, Amish-made Swiss cheese.

mt home woodsmoked.JPG

Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar Cheese


Goot Essa "Mountain Home Woodsmoked Cheddar" is a hand-made rendition from our ancestral homeland, aged and smoked.

mt meadow mild.jpg

Mountain Meadow

Mild Cheddar


Goot Essa "Mountain Meadow Mild Cheddar" cheese is born with an intense cheddar flavor but without the acidity of our aged cheddar. It tastes great and cooks better.

Garden Peper jack.jpg

Garlic Peper Jack Cheese


Goot Essa "Garden Pepper Jack" is a farmstead washed curd cheese that has all the bite of natural red chile bits.

der edel bleu.JPG

Der Edel Bleu Kase


Goot Essa "Der Edel Bleu" is a blue cheese with a cheddar cheese base infused with a lively bleu mold. This is sure to become one of your all-time favorites

der alpen kase.jpg

Der Alpen Kase


Goot Essa "Der Alpen Kase" is an artisan, cave-aged, Alpine style cheese with all the tang of the best-aged cheeses, and yet still has the creaminess to be part of your favorite cheese recipes.

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