At Barren Ridge we've tried to source local charcuterie without much success. The Laws around the production are extensive which is why its hard to source local. While this may be so we still know that nothing goes better with cheese than charcuterie.

Thats why we've chosen to partner with Boar's Head to bring you the best charcuterie on the market. 

Columbus Calabrese Salami


A Spicy Finish

Inspired by a recipe from the Calabria region of Italy, we make our Calabrese from whole cuts of hand-trimmed pork and add crushed red pepper and red bell peppers to give this air-dried southern Italian favorite a ruby red color and spicy finish. Varieties slow aged at least 21 days.

Uncured Genoa Salami


Crafted with simple ingredients, we start with humanely raised pork that has no added hormones and no antibiotics ever. Boar's Head Simplicity All Natural* Uncured Genoa has no added nitrates or nitrites and is hand-crafted according to century-old Salumiere traditions. This dry cured specialty boasts a robust flavor from an expert blend of simple ingredients. 

Prosciutto Riserva Stradolce



A domestic dry cured specialty with an Italian heritage, Boar's Head Prosciutto Riserva Stradolce has a velvety smooth texture that melts in the mouth.

All Natural

White Wine Salami


A Mediterranean classic made with a savory blend of all natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed

Volpi Salsiccia


Handcrafted in the USA, this dry Salsiccia sausage from Volpi® contains no nitrates, no nitrites and is gluten-free. Infused with toasted fennel seeds throughout this rich Italian dry sausage delivers the robust flavor profile your customers seek out. These gourmet sausages make the perfect addition to your deli counters.

Uncured Sopressata

Snack Packs


A unique blend of coarsely chopped, hand-trimmed pork and traditional seasonings dry cured and naturally aged to achieve peak flavor.  Boar's Head Uncured Superiore Sopressata is a bold, rich taste that is a timeless Italian classic.

Traditional Pepperoni


A rich blend of pork, beef and spices cured according to traditional methods, Boar's Head Pepperoni is packed with robust flavor.

Boars Head Charcuterie and Cheese Tray


Boars Head charcuterie is prepared using select cuts of meat blended with spices and dry cured to preserve flavor and texture. Cheeses are unmatched in quality and handmade craftsmanship resulting in rich and distinctive flavors.
- Hot Calabrese Salame
- Asiago Cheese
- Picante Provolone Cheese 
- Bianco D'Oro Italian Dry Salame

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