Barren Ridge Reopening, Welcome Back Safely!                             


First of all, we are very happy to be welcoming guests again.

Thanks for all of your support, we are extremely grateful.

We will be slowly and safely reopening our patio by reservation only.  Please call 540-248-3300.  

Groups are limited to 10 people maximum.

Our total capacity on the patio will be limited to less than 50% of normal.    

Reservations will be for 2-hour blocks starting at 12noon and 3 hours at the end of the day.

12PM - 2PM | 2PM - 4PM | 4PM - 6PM | 6PM - 9PM

Reservations held for 10 additional minutes beyond the reserved time


During our phase one reopening, we have strict guidelines to follow in order to keep guests and staff.

We are operating under 3 guiding principles: 

1) social distancing & face coverings

2) only seating in designated congregating in other areas 

3) enhanced safety, cleaning, and disinfection practices 


These principles aim to go beyond best practices to keep everyone safe.                                   

We ask you to provide and wear a face covering at all times outside of the designated seating areas.              

You will be met by a staff member who will explain how we are operating and bring you to your designated area.  Within your designated area, your group may safely remove face coverings. 

When possible give your order when making your reservation, otherwise we will take it when we greet you. 

Currently we are accepting orders only by credit card for curbside pickup.

We can take cash for orders when seating at our patio but prefer credit cards as want to minimize the contact with cash as much as possible 

We also offer online ordering.

Summary & further steps to ensure safety:

  • All staff will be screened before starting work

  • Staff will be wearing masks; we kindly ask you to do the same

  • Public areas will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis

  • You will be guided by staff through our tasting room and exit through the exterior gate

  • Designated areas will be cleaned and sanitized after each seating

  • Designated areas are spaced 8 feet or more from each other

  • Guests must practice social distancing when outside of designated areas

  • Groups are limited to 10 people and need to stay in designated areas

  • No congregation between groups

  • Children must stay with guests in designated areas

  • Pets need to be kept on a leash and stay in designated areas at all times

  • The building is accessible only to visit the bathroom with required distancing

  • No tastings currently, bottle sales only

  • We ask you to bring and pour to your own glass, buy a BRV glass for $3, or 

  • Alternatively, drink your wine out of a disposable plastic cup provided by us

  • Credit cards sales only at this time

  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted on our property

  • No one with known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 20 days will be admitted

  • If you feel sick or unwell, please just take care of yourself at home and get better soon

  • Please pay attention to weather conditions, rain and severe weather will necessitate closure of the patio

  • Sheltering is not possible indoors: guests can temporarily shelter in cars (no keys in ignition)

  • *Please do not put your keys in the ignition, this would be violating ABC laws 

  • BRV continues to fulfill orders for curbside pickup- please take advantage of this for maximum safety

Be safe and well. You will see our eyes smiling back at you! Welcome Back.  BRV Team

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