Barren Ridge Reopening, Welcome Back Safely!                             


First of all, we are very happy to be welcoming guests again.

Thanks for all of your support, we are extremely grateful.

We will be slowly and safely reopening our patio by reservation only.  Please call 540-248-3300.  

Recommended group size: 10 people or less.

Our total capacity on the patio will be limited to less than 50% of normal.    

Please call for Reservations for Suggested Blocks


Monday thru Thursday



Friday and Saturday





Reservations held for 10 additional minutes beyond the reserved time. Please call if you can't make it.


ATTENTION: Mask Required–Physical Distancing–Bottle Sales Only–Reservations

During phase three, we have strict guidelines to follow in order to keep guests and staff safe.

Currently, We are operating under 3 guiding principles: 

1) social distancing & face coverings

2) only seating in designated congregating in other areas 

3) enhanced safety, cleaning, and disinfection practices 


These policies are designed with everyone’s safety in mind...we wish to keep all guests and staff healthy, safe, and comfortable while still enjoying a nice experience together. We thank you in advance for your kind consideration and for following our policies. –BRV–


  •  Please have your mask on before entering the building – this is a best practice and required by state mandate in order to keep guests and employees healthy. No mask, no service

  • Please wear your mask when not at your seating area and when being served by staff

  • All guests must enter the tasting room as required by ABC laws

  • Bottle sales only at this time…we will update our policies as we move forward

  • Seating is by reservation only…walk ins are welcome if there is seating space, please call or ask a tasting room staff member

  • Physical distancing: please remember to keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet from other guests and groups both inside and outside and especially at the bar when ordering (no leaning please)

  • Please avoid congregation areas…please remain patient and remember to give yourself and others space in the tasting room at the bathrooms and other areas where congregation is possible


*Thank you for being considerate and kind during a difficult time. By following these policies, we can all have a good and safe experience together!


Please call to reserve, with questions or concerns, or for pick-ups 540-248-3300

JAS A Higgs Apple Crates

Be safe and well. You will see our eyes smiling back at you! Welcome Back.  BRV Team