Local and Other Cheeses

Here are our Locally produced cheeses with some other cheeses we offer.

We have partnered with Linda Weaver of Waynesboro to offer our customers the amazing cheese ball she makes.

All our customers love this product it is constantly flying off the shelf. Stop in today and try it for yourself. We are always looking to promote and try other locally produced cheeses. if you have any you would like to see here let us Know!

Simply Cheddar

Simply Cheddar



Simply Cheddar is an all-natural cheese ball made of extra sharp cheddar cheeses without using cream cheese or processed cheeses.  Fresh onion and a small

amount of red pepper flakes are

added for spice.  It is surrounded

by freshly chopped pecans.  

Castello Smoked Gouda

Castello Smoked Gouda


Smoked Gouda starts with our mild and creamy Gouda cheese and is then lightly smoked over hickory wood chips to create a rich, delectable smoky flavor. A wonderfully aromatic cheese, Smoked Gouda is a splendid smoky pairing for nuts and spicy meats.