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2019 Petit Verdot



2023 Virginia Governor's Cup Case winner, Big, bold, and rustic. 100% estate grown, this wine is fruit forward and is well structured. Aged in French and American oak and cellared for 18 months, this wine will age gracefully in years to come, mellowing out its initial intensity and giving way to a bouquet of dark fruits, herbs, and spices.


Violet, smoked plum, cassis, and earthy notes of Virginia clay and aromatic sage.


Red fruit followed by black with sage on the mid palate. Rustic and robust, this wine will continue to develop and grow on the palate...smoky & dark plum notes carry the wine towards the finish with some light earthy notes, white pepper and clove. Earthy, dense, and complex with surprising freshness and length. Good acidity gives the wine a nice structure. Tannins will soften and flavors evolve with proper bottle aging.


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